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HOT SHOTS: 'This widely sworn-by health hack is often met with a love-hate reaction'

Of all the morning rituals most likely to help blow away the sleepy cobwebs, there’s nothing quite like the head-clearing hit that a short, sharp dose of Apple Cider Vinegar provides!

Beyond strong coffee, cold showers and a good breakfast, this widely sworn-by health hack is often met with a love-hate reaction thanks to its positive after-feel competing against the somewhat acquired taste. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is produced by fermenting apple cider or apples with alcohol. In an unfiltered state, it is thought to help to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as imparting all-round wellbeing benefits thanks to its probiotic and antibacterial properties. Advocates of ACV (as it’s also known) swear by its health benefits, which are mainly attributed to the active compound ‘acetic acid.’ Organic and unfiltered versions such as Willys Biona and Bragg also contain a much valued component called ‘mother’ which is comprised of friendly bacteria, enzymes and protein. Although no relationship between dose and benefit has been found, the indicators are that moderate, regular inclusion in a balanced diet could confer some positive effects. So, whether it’s as a morning pick-me-up shot (with some lemon on the side), or as a healthful addition to cooking or salad dressings, this is one kitchen cupboard staple it’s worth keeping in stock.

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