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Say 'NO' to the Dress: Why resisting the urge to 'add to cart' is key to helping sta

If you’ve noticed more online shopping bait sliding into your inboxes and social media feeds recently then ever before, know that it’s most likely not by coincidence!

Fashion brands, of course, are quick to seize the marketing opportunity that our increased screen time has created, not to mention the growing partiality that being in lockdown lent to a cheeky ‘add to cart’ pick-me-up (or two!)

Tempting as it is to while away the days with retail therapy, the advice this World Environment Day is to ‘check in’ (ask the key questions ‘do I need it?’ and ‘will I wear it’) before checking out!! 🛒

This message to shop more sustainably has long been gaining decibels in the fashion industry, with today giving an extra welcome nod to the cause!

Although no overnight solution exists when it comes to remedying the ‘fast fashion’ crisis, the actions of some forward-thinking brands and companies are helping make small but significant steps in the right direction.

Stripe and Stare, for example, are using sustainably sourced Beechwood modal in their production, and are setting a precedent for other manufactures to use more environmentally sound materials in both their products and packaging, and to work with the most ethical factories. .

Taking a different tactic, Loststock are currently leading an important mission to stop surplus stock (accumulated due to the Coronavirus crisis) ending up in landfill in Bangladesh. Their box scheme helps give back to the manufacturers, to help directly mitigate some of their expenditure.

From lost stock, to old stock... preloved is another massive driver of the ‘reduce, recycle, reuse’ movement.

By considering buying preloved, and giving unwanted items away to be ‘re-loved’, we can potentially go some way towards utilising the 6 GENERATIONS worth of clothes that the planet’s population has currently amassed. That, and making ‘street cred’ less important than green credentials in those all important ‘add to cart’ moments!

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