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A HOT MESS! ‘When it comes to creating food with heart, there is sometimes method in the messiness!’

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to cooking and baking, to produce results that are as ‘instagrammable’ as they are delicious!

There’s no doubt, this rise of ‘food porn’ certainly makes for great scrolling, but when it comes to creating food with heart, there is sometimes method in the messiness!

The reality of baking with cheese, is possibly the greatest evidence of this theory, and the antithesis of ‘pretty food’ if ever there was one!

That said, what dishes such as this cheesetastic potato and leek gratin lack in clean edges, they more than make up for in the unrivalled joy of oozy cheddar that just so happens to have ‘chilly spring evening’ written all over it!

To help bring this delight to fruition this National Cheese Day, we’ve teamed up with Lye Cross Farm - purveyors of sustainably produced cheese - to champion the importance of quality cheddar when striving for the perfect Gratin!

Lye Cross Farm organic grass-fed cheddar is produced by the Alvis family in the tranquil Somerset Vale of Wrington, with an attention to detail that sets it apart from other rival cheddars!

Handcrafted using traditional methods, with an emphasis on natural pasture land for grazing and freedom from artificial fertilisers, antibiotics and pesticides, this is the cheddar of connoisseurs and the eco-conscious alike!

With a rich flavour and a creamy texture, together with a slightly buttery taste, a little goes a long way towards raising the game of your favourite comfort food dishes.

At this time, when we're doing all we can to bridge the gap between the pursuit of tasty, and that of more informed food choices, the 'grass-fed' gratin is just one way to capture the magic of small steps...and giant leeks!

For the recipe, head over to our instagram stories now!

Sponsored by Lye Cross Farm

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