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An Unlikely Pear: Why infusing water could hold the key to improving hydration

If you’re on a mission to drink more water, but struggle with the monotony of plain old H20… fear not!

The solution to hassle-free hydration might be easier than you think... and with any luck, growing in your own back garden!

Infused water is to thank for keeping many a reluctant water drinker hydrated, in spite of their aversion. Created using various combinations of fruits, herbs, and vegetables, it’s just one way to take the edge off water’s inherent plainness, and jazz up your jug to incentivise more regular top ups!

In addition to giving water a different flavour dimension, infusing with fruits also lends some trace levels of vitamins, which counts for something if you’re striving to up the antioxidants!

On the whole, however, the main advantages stem from the incentive that a bit of flavour creates to drink more water, more often. That, coupled with the natural reduction in sugar that comes from having infusions in place of other soft drinks.

To make infused water, simply add your chosen fruit, vegetables and/or herbs to a jug or glass of water, and infuse for up to 12 hours, preferably in the refrigerator.

Experimentation is highly recommended, since it is often the unlikeliest of pairings that produce the best results... Rosemary and Pear being a fitting example!

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