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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Scarcely a day goes by where we don’t stumble across some new ‘genius’ way of re-inventing an old foodie favourite, and today is no exception!

From cooking spaghetti in the oven, to peeling hard boiled eggs in a water bottle… there’s certainly no end to Tiktok’s spawn of culinary game-changers , and while some we can take-or-leave… this one piqued more than a little interest!

As a novel way of bringing eggs on toast into the mind-blown era, this one involves cutting the middle out of your sourdough slices, and using the crust as a frame for your omelette mixture! Fry for a few minutes, then replace the bread ‘lid’, flip, fry again…and voila!

The main ingredient - Gradz Turmeric & Quinoa Sourdough Bread - is a unique, hand-crafted loaf, with a vibrant yellow colour and delicious earthy flavour, which brings a brand new dimension to many of the ‘…on toast’ meals we know and love!

Of course, any do-try-this-at-home features like this are always intended as light-hearted, as oftentimes, the ‘if it ain’t broke’ theory reigns supreme!

In the case of ‘framed eggs’… we’re certainly swayed, but admittedly what clinched it wasn’t the mess-free formula, nor the street-cred of cooking down with the cool kids! Instead, it was the sunshine and superfood vibes of a simple sourdough switch up - that‘s qualified this lunch hack as more than just a passing fad!

Gradz Turmeric & Quinoa Sourdough is available in Partridges.

Sponsored by Gradz

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