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AVO' NICE DAY! As temperatures soar, it's Avocado Ice Lollies all the way!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

What could be better, than a nice cold ice lolly on a scorching hot day?

Maybe an ice lolly that’s packed with so much avocado, that you’ll need no excuse to help yourself whenever the going gets it's set to this weekend!

With today being National Avocado day, we thought it a perfectly apt time to showcase how the wonderful versatility of this much-loved fruit, lends so well to home-made ice lollies.

Avocado might be best known for making salads shine, and putting the smooth in smoothies, but who knew that it could also be blended with banana and frozen, ready to enjoy at the next opportune heat wave moment?

We don’t need to remind you how good the old Avo’s are in the context of a balanced diet. Full of good fats, vitamins and minerals, they are the nutrition boosters that we can all rely on to help fill some of the most common voids that exist in our modern diets.

Whether in lolly form, or enjoyed straight from the skin, this is one fruit you’ll be hard pushed to go wrong with...just so long as they're not hard to push (make sure you test the ends!!) Arguably, there's no greater disappointment than cutting into an underripe Avocado. FACT!

Happy National Avocado Day


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