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BACK TO BUSINESS: Help combat the slouch and build healthy posture habits this Autumn

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Since working from home became the norm, workspaces have become both makeshift and many… with most of us alternating between sofa, bed, kitchen table, and back again!

Even with the best setup that money can buy, there‘s a very real tendency for the confines of the work-from-home office, to take its toll on posture, activity levels and - ultimately - overall well-being!

Poor posture, in particular, can lead to an increased risk of back pain, changes in spinal alignment, and decreases in confidence and energy levels, to name but a few potential implications.

This in mind, it pays to take proactive steps towards improving our everyday posture habits, starting - of course - with the ergonomics of our work stations, where possible!

As a contingency to life, stress and tiredness taking their toll, however (as they so often do), there’s the Upright GO 2 smart posture trainer.

This tiny device sits comfortably on your upper back, and uses biofeedback to track your posture.

When you slouch, the device vibrates to remind you to sit up straight. Based on behavioural science, it can help improve your posture naturally, and is designed for all day use.

The Upright range also includes additional posture correction devices, including a non-adhesive necklace, and the smaller, lighter Upright GO S!

All of your posture stats and progress are synced to the FREE Upright App (available for iOS and Android), and with regular use, upright can help strengthen your back and core muscles, for better spinal support and reduced pain (according to clinically validated by 4 published studies.)

The effects last even when not wearing the device, and as part of a holistic approach to back-health and overall wellness, it’s an idea that’s got our backing… from the get GO!

Sponsored by Upright

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