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Baked Apples: The ultimate healthy indulgence!

Of all the quick, easy baking recipes to try at home, baked apples pip most to the post with their low hassle, sweet and healthy appeal!

With countless ways to jazz up the humble ‘Northern Spy’ - think cinnamon, spices & dried fruits - this is arguably one fruit-picking season that you don’t want to let pass you by.

If you don’t happen to have an apple tree in your garden or a nearby fruit-picking farm, try your local farm shop, supermarket or fruit box service for a fresh crop of cooking apples.

Apple crumble indulgence aside, this is one recipe that comes with an unexpected perk. It will make your home smell amazing, which is great given how much time we’re all spending there right now!!

To make, simply core your apples, and bake in a shallow oven tray (with a little water) for 40 minutes. Once ready, we served ours with crumble (you can cheat by crushing wholemeal digestive biscuits) and Banana Scoops ice cream, which is free from sugar and sweetened only with bananas and dates.

For summer desserts or even a breakfast with a difference, we think baked apples are where it’s at this month, giving you the freedom to enjoy a little sweetnesss whenever it’s needed most!

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