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Baubles, bubbles and baking!

Here's an unpopular opinion...

The lead up to Christmas is way better than the actual day.

Maybe it has something to do with the anticipation of it all, and the fact that there is less expectation on joy, which somehow means it flows more easily?

Maybe, as well, it’s because in the midst of all the build-up, ‘anything goes’ finds new-found acceptance.

Baking and bubbles?

Why not!

Going out clothes for staying in?

Of course!

As well as this, the days seem to lose all definition, melting instead into a glorious eat, sleep, repeat continuum.

Only here, does ‘sleeps till Santa’ becomes the official measure of time, and making puff pastry Christmas trees suddenly seem like a perfectly productive use of time!

It’s these defining characteristics of the build up to Christmas Day, that make the hours effervesce with an energy that's easy to feel, yet hard to describe.

Of course, the to-dos and festive politics can and do sometimes take their toll, but even with the trials and tribulations of forgotten stocking fillers and a supermarket sold out of stuffing...the glass remains firmly (and metaphorically) half full!

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