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BEHIND THE BLOG: 'I'd like to think the magazine has moved with the times'

Hi, I’m Caroline, and I’m the content creator behind Health Magazine online.

I started Health Magazine in 2007, after my initial training as a Nutritional Therapist led me to discover a gap in the regional magazine market.

Health Magazine was then a local print magazine, focused on bringing together editorial from experts, therapists and companies from within the Berkshire health sphere.

After going digital in 2011, the regional focus was switched to a broader coverage of health and wellbeing topics, evolving again into the 'blogazine' format it is today in 2018.

The last 13 years have seen a lot of changes, and I would like to think that the magazine has moved with the times, in particularly more recently with the advent of social media.

Health Magazine has always been a personal project for me, but it is only recently that this has become something which is coming across in the content. 

Writing, and the creative aspect of creating content, has become as much of a passion for me as the initial interest in nutrition and health that it has evolved from.

When I’m not 'behind the blog', I’m now Mum to to two children - who are 4 and 2 - and in this guise, you’ll also find me writing on all things parenting over at www.mums-magazine.

The balance of work and family life has been a positive learning curve overall, and the direction that my changing personal circumstances have taken the magazine in have, in hindsight (and quite inadvertently), been to its advantage, or so I believe. 

Always driven by the challenge to explore new avenues, ways of working, and ideas to bring to fruition, 2020 (and lockdown most notably) has so far seen yet more changes behind the scenes, and in the approach to Health's content and format.

Of all the 'pivots' to come out of this period, the sideline project is possibly one of the most fitting examples. A marriage of my interest in both fashion and sustainable living, this preloved marketplace has its roots in the principles of circular fashion... a topic that has previously been touched upon in Health Magazine.

Hopefully, this provides some insight into the person and history behind the Health Magazine brand, which by all accounts doesn't necessarily conform to the magazine 'mould', but which I like to think makes the platform as unique as the experience of working with me.

Balance, variety and moderation are the pillars of the content I create, and my own lifestyle for that matter, and my commitment is to always place ethics, life experience and knowledge at the fore...along with an occasional affinity for some deep thinking.


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