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Between a rock and a hard place!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

As it stands, the news is making everything we might normally talk about on here, seem a little bit misplaced and pointless.

To this end, we’re using today’s post, as a reminder of the power of the ‘helpers high’, particularly during times like these.

By engaging in pro-social behaviours - by doing a good deed, and showing generosity and compassion - we’re better able to focus our thoughts outward, away from the spin cycle of our own mind! This, in turn, can help to reduce stress, which ultimately improves wellbeing.

For ideas on putting this theory into practice, and countering at least some of the helplessness that we’re all feeling to some degree, follow this link, which explains how the @britishredcross are using donations to support people affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

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