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Blondes have more fun?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Perhaps, but certainly not when it comes to those post-shower battles with the detangler!

It’s surely one of the #blondelife’s greatest cruelties, the fact that light hair… does not light work make!

In the absence of any willingness to shelve my highlighting habit just yet, however, all that remains is to try and atone the sins of the salon, by doubling down on the nourishing rituals this festive season!

Having only had a colour top up last week, I am coming at this from the double digit end of the ‘how damaged is your hair on a scale of one to ten!?’ questionnaire, and armed with Pop and Pump Coco Hair Mask.

With this hero hair rescuer to hand, the ‘build back stronger’ mission officially begins, with the first of my now-weekly, post-peroxide mask rituals.

This all-natural, deeply nourishing vegan hair mask is made from Shea and cocoa butter, and is designed to moisturise and strengthen hair.

Simply apply from root to tip to dry (or slightly damp) hair and leave in for at least 30 minutes before washing the mask out and continuing with your usual hair washing routine.

Having tried many a hair mask in my time, I was sold not just on this brand’s organic and cruelty free credentials, but also on the ‘power pair’ of frizz-busters that are packed into each scoop, and which I credit fully on this occasion, for helping my just-bleached matted mop bounce back from the dreads, in true (almost) festive-ready style!

Sponsored by Pop and Pump

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