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Bringing five-a-day… to fruition!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

When hitting the daily five becomes something of a slog… nothing can help re-ignite the excitement of fruit and veg, quite like playing the field!!

Fruit picking is one of those classic summer pastimes, that’ll you’ll never regret making time for.

Whether as a means to fill a Sunday afternoon, or with jam-shaped ambitions in mind, a trip to @thefruitfields hits that sweet spot between self-care…and ‘support local’, with far-reaching benefits for wellness, nutrition and communities alike.

With this in mind, next time you make a bee line for the strawberries, or do the rounds of the ‘in season’, know that a punnet brimming with just-picked is much more than just an apple-a-day antidote... it’s a metaphor for all the other things that can be effectively refilled, from nature’s tap! 🚰 🍃

Headspace, vitality… and fruit bowls included!

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