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Change one thing… change your life!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

I’ve never been one for resolutions or lifestyle overhauls, but what I do like to occasionally dabble in, are the kind of change-one-thing ‘experiments’ that are a product of mere curiosity, rather than a desire to ‘fix’ any particular problem per se.

For example…there was a time I decided to not wear jeans for a month, just because…

And a time I drank a spoonful of flax seed oil every morning for thirty days straight.

Good times!!

Nowadays, whenever one of these urges to chop and change something random comes about, it’s usually because the promise of renewed vim and vigour it carries, seems like a small price to pay for the sufferance of say….waking up to a coffee brand that ISN’T Lazy Sunday!

(Yes, this was another ‘experiment.’)

Looking at all these micro-resolutions as a whole, what they do mostly seem to have in common, is that they tend to be low-stake… and probably even lower-interest in the grand scheme of water-cooler conversation! (Be prepared for some glazed expressions!)

Even so, I firmly believe there’s a power in random acts of reinvention (the coffee switch ups / the ‘Denim Lent’) which we should never underestimate.

Granted, I will admit…

Not blow-drying my hair for a month probably won’t change my life, BUT…

I have a sneaky suspicion that what it might do (besides saving me time and electricity) is unleash at least SOME of the natural personality kinks that have been top-knotted into obscurity since ‘getting ready’ became a 5 minute race against the ‘mum, mum, mum!’ machine!!

Whether this transpires to be true, will of course rest on my dedication to the next 30 days under strict hairdresser orders.

For now, therefore, let’s just say… watch this space!

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