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Did someone say…chocolate cake?

Updated: Jan 26

Baking... it always seems like such a good idea. In principle.

In practice… what a palaver, eh?

All that weighing, sifting, mixing and general waiting-for-rock-hard-butter-to-soften - it’s a bit much when all you really want is the cake. Now. With a coffee, preferably.

Of course, I’m being facetious. The process is actually VERY therapeutic, and great at the weekend, but on the more stretched time budget of Monday-to-Friday… a little short-cut never hurt anyone.

With less sugar than your average chocolate cake recipe, the Fitbakes ready-in-twenty-minutes Belgian Chocolate Cake is perfect for those days when you fancy something sweet, but can’t afford the blood sugar slump afterwards!

The pack contains nearly everything you’ll need, with the only extra required ingredients being eggs, yogurt, water and vegetable oil.

Simply whisk the ingredients well, and pour into a lined baking tin before baking for 15-20 minutes.

As a self-confessed stickler for speed (not to mention a glutton for of all things that-go-well-with-coffee) the Fitbakes chocolate cake certainly takes some beating, which is kind of ironic, really, when the making requires so little of it!

Sponsored by Fitbakes

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