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DINNER ON TOAST: What to cook, when you don't feel like cooking!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

If Christmas provides an excuse for anything, it is for taking life a little easier, and cutting a few corners if it means being able to enjoy more of what matters!

Suffice to say, ‘dinner on toast’ is the order of the day this December!

From smashed avocado, to scrambled eggs with Vegan bacon... there aren’t many things that a slice of sourdough can’t transform into a 'square' meal (get it?!), so lending new meaning to the term ‘fast food!’

For best results, why not raise your 'dinner on toast' game with some Gradz Beetroot and Black Cumin Bread? This unique, hand-crafted loaf is fermented to produce a bread which has the perfect taste and texture for a many and varied toppings, depending on what takes your fancy!

At this time, when wrapping presents and the ‘stressmas‘ strain is all but occupying our evenings (not to mention energy), this healthy answer to food in a flash might just be the food inspo we've been waiting for...and our most delicious toast to the holiday season, so far!

Sponsored by Gradz Bakers

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