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Disconnected Fitness: Why it pays to ditch the tech, and go back to basics

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

In recent months, technology has infiltrated more aspects of our lives than ever before… including our workouts.

Now, even some of the most mindful of fitness activities, including yoga and running, have become revolved around (and even reliant on) the very technology that they are geared towards detaching us from.

This World Wellbeing Week, it’s a fitting time therefore, to earmark the importance of embracing some ‘disconnected fitness’ now and then.

This isn’t to say, of course, that tech hasn’t played a pivotal role in keeping us moving in recent months. Rather, it is to point out the merits of balance, and going back to the basics on occasion.

No music. No tech. No trackers or apps. Just you, and the open road, garden, field, lounge... the choice is yours.

Supporting the ‘keep it simple’ message this Wellbeing Week are sustainable activewear brand 3rd Rock Clothing, whose slogans and designs serve as a much needed nod to the 'no frills' lifestyle that we could all benefit from becoming more aligned with.

Their eco-friendly leggings are made from repurposed and recycled plastic, taken from plastic bottles and Italian carpets, with a focus on the three "f"s - form, fit and function. Over 200,000 football fields worth of carpets are thrown away each year in Europe alone, and it is one of 3rd Rock's aims to help to tidy those fields, stop more virgin resources from being used and decrease the amount of waste added to the land-fill and the ocean plastic.

Through their prints and campaigns, 3rd Rock aim to raise awareness of environmental and human rights issues around the world, which is an endeavour well worth drawing attention to on a day specially dedicated to positivity (@synctuition #24HPositivity)

So, with simplicity and positivity in mind, here’s to enjoying more ‘disconnected fitness’ as we venture out of lockdown.

It doesn’t need to be the norm, since we all know the importance of tech as a motivational tool, but as a way of tapping into the original escapist power of exercise… this is one fitness trend that might just have legs!

Sponsored by 3rd Rock Clothing

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