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Easy as PAI: ‘Echium is known for its potent skin calming and nourishing properties’

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Dry, irritated skin is a common problem at this time of year, and even more so with stress and more time indoors added to the equation.


If the challenge is proving too much for your current moisturiser, seeking out one containing the ingredient ‘Echium’ might just help to turn the dryness around.

Echium is known for its potent skin calming and nourishing properties. In Australia, it is nicknamed “Salvation Jane” as it is often the last plant to survive periods of drought.

For this reason, the spotlight for today’s Self Care Sunday post is on an Echium-rich hero product... Pai skincare ‘Salvation Jane’.


‘A natural formula to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase hydration for mature or dry skin. Featuring Hyaluronic Acid and Echium, this intelligent medley of omegas and antioxidants helps to replenish lost nutrients. Also contains Gamma Linolenic Acid and Stearidonic Acid to keep skin soothed and smoothed.’

Our opinion:

‘Salvation Jane is the perfect balance of light and rich, making it an ideal product for winter days when skin needs all the support, but none of the greasiness, that comes with high-performance hydration. True to its promise, the result is ‘plumped, quenched’ skin, which means either a smooth finish for make up, or simply a more comfortable canvas for those bare faced days. In addition, the handy pump dispenses just the right amount each time, so minimising waste and helping maximise the lifespan of your product.’

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