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Easy ways with...Spinach!

Always knew those Annabel Karmel weaning trays would come in handy again someday!!

Spinach ice cubes are arguably one of THE best things to have in our freezer... and they’re more versatile than you think.

Made simply by blending up raw spinach leaves, with a small amount of water, they are an easy and convenient way of amping up the nutritional value of smoothies, sauces and other recipes.

You can even add one to a ready-made breakfast shake (no need to blend) as a way of keeping it cool until you’re desk side, at which point just shake to mix in the now-melted cube.

Spinach, as we know, is a brilliant source of iron and B vitamins, so just this small dose every day can go a long way towards bringing those health goals to fruition.... (or should it be vegition!?)

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