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Eeny, meeny…MINE!!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

It’s the most romantic month of the year *supposedly*, but now more than ever, the loved-up sentiment of Valentine’s day is extending beyond THE one…to number one!

To this end, we’re unashamedly leveraging the love vibes, for all their self-gifting worth - starting with THIS multipack of Claires Amazeballs!

Claire’s Amazeballs - home of 100% natural, vegan energy balls - offer subscription boxes to help overlap healthy, mindful snacking with the demands of everyday, busy life.

With delivery options available weekly, twice a month or monthly, each box of delicious, homemade energy balls packs the natural goodness of nuts, seeds and whole food ingredients that we need (now more than ever!) to help keep hunger and cravings at bay. Not only this… they’re gluten and dairy-free!

In addition to the made-for-Valentine’s Day ‘Cranberry Brazil‘ (the ‘pink’ one), the multi-pack flavours include Apricot & Hazelnut Cacao, Ginger Cashew, Lemon Turmeric and Baobab Cacao, with each ball providing slow-release energy, essentials fats and protein for all-round health and wellbeing.

Whether you subscribe for yourself, a friend or a loved one, one thing’s for sure: nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a cranberry-dusted shot across the bows of hunger, cravings and post-workout fatigue!

As such, Claire’s Amazeballs are going a long way in helping bring Valentine’s Day gifting back to it’s heart-shaped, cliche-free roots!

So much so, in fact, that with natural, organic ingredients and recyclable packaging at the fore, this is one token of affection that we’re confident we’ll still be basking in the glow of, long after February 14th has past!

Boxes are available to order at, as well as being in stock at Coopers in Marlow, Strawberry Grove, Cedar Cafe Marlow, Peterley Manor Farm and Saints Cafe in Maidenhead.

***READER OFFER*** For 10% off Cranberry Boxes use code LOVE22. Valid until 28/02/22

Sponsored by Claires Amazeballs #ad

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