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Embrace the Christmas spirit... minus the booze!

Let’s face it, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a bit of glitz and glass clinking, which is why we’re all for dressing up and cheersing to the season…even if it is from the comfort of our own homes!

Contrary to popular belief, however, a toast to the festivities needn’t come with the usual chaser of regret and malaise the following day!

Charging your glass with one of Three Spirit’s plant-based alcohol alternatives, is a great way to embrace a seasonal tipple or two, whilst keeping a clear head.

Three Spirit Drinks are created by a team of plant scientists, world-class bartenders and herbalists, using ingredients renowned for their potential to excite the palate, mind and body.

Their range includes the popular ‘Livener’ – an invigorating elixir containing guayusa, guava leaf and schisandra. Known as the ‘Party Starter,’ it contains natural caffeine, with no artificial flavours, and can be mixed with tonic and a garnish for a deliciously different alcohol-free cocktail.

Alternatively, if a hot toddy and early to bed is more your bag, the calming ‘Night Cap’ (with notes of wood and spice) is THE way to indulge in a bedtime tradition, minus the sore head. Simply mix with warm water, lemon and a dash of maple syrup, and settle down for the ultimate cosy Christmas night in.

Sponsored by Three Spirit

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