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‘Extra’ - it seems - is having a moment!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Of all the adjectives to best describe the extravagance of this long weekend, ‘extra’ has to be up there with the best of them.

‘Extra’, of course, is best known as an adverb (extra cake please!), but to those of us too old to be down with the cool-kid-lingo…it also means excessive, but in a good way!

🍰 Like cake that’s been layered and decorated in a glass… just because!

🏡 Houses decorated with bunting!

🇬🇧Gardens adorned with flags. Because… well, why not!?

‘Extra’ - it seems - is having a moment, with many of us choosing to embrace this ‘if not now, then when?!’ excuse to go max-effort on any - and all - aspects of the everyday.

In this landscape, there is precious little that we can’t (and shouldn’t) leverage in the name of self-care.

From ‘Dopamine Dressing’… to ‘Dopamine Desserts - ‘too much’ has found a welcome acceptance in Lockdown’s legacy… and a once-in-a-lifetime Royal occasion!

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