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‘For fitness AND mental health, many of us now recognise the power of pounding the pavement!’

Updated: May 29, 2021

In the last year, running has taken on a whole new meaning and importance for enthusiasts and amateurs alike.

For fitness, just as much as mental health, many of us now recognise - where we might not have done before - the sheer power of being at one with the open field!

It’s this ‘megatrend’ of lockdown, that’s giving us extra cause for celebration this Global Running Day.

Whether you choose to mark the occasion with a five minute jog around the block, or a more ambitious 5k, there’s much to be said for keeping your energy and hydration in check, before and after heading out.

To this end, we’ve teamed up with vitamin energy drink brand Mawé, to help stop the mid-afternoon lull standing between you and a day-changing date with the pavement!

Mawé is rich in energising B vitamins, guarana and lightly sparkling spring water, as well as being Vegan, Gluten Free and UK made.

Enjoyed before or after exercise, this delicious pear and apple drink can be used in place of standard energy drinks, to deliver a vitalising lift without the burden of caffeine or chemical sweeteners... so helping you get ‘Mawe’ from your runs this springs!

Sponsored by Mawé

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