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Updated: Jun 21, 2022

If you prefer your holidays laid back and luxe, then the delights of an ‘adult only’ pool and sun terrace, will need no explanation.

Only here - in this rooftop haven of straw hats and audio books - does ‘holiday mode’ manage to go so gloriously and unapologetically unchallenged.

The sunbathe-swim-snooze continuum - the cornerstone of calm restoration - is interrupted only by the occasional need for an iced-coffee shaped interlude, and the closest thing to noise? It isn’t necessarily the lapping water of the too-good-to-swim in pool, but the effervescent sound of those ‘cares in the world’ fizz-popping into the jacuzzi mist.

To this end, there’s a definite argument for taking up top-deck residence not just for the duration of your stay at the Zafiro Palace, but also for the drop-ins.

Those token ten minutes of ‘me time’, for the parents relishing the opportunity to tag-team dipping a toe in the tranquil waters.

A precious hour of post-lunch snoozing, for the couples who equally enjoy the best-of-both poolside worlds.

Either way, one thing’s for sure when you happen upon the king-size comfort of one of the adult-only terrace’s many canopied day beds.…You won’t be disappointed (or disturbed.)

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