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Updated: Aug 11, 2022

When you find a duvet that you love…not even a mini-break in the country can keep you apart!

This is the sentiment of sleep-loving staycationers everywhere, as the logistics of ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ enter new, somewhat woolly territory!

Camping clothes - check!

Tea bags - check!

Natural wool duvet - check!

The latter, to many, might seem unnecessary, but once you’ve discovered the difference a Devon Duvet‘s duvet makes, settling for a sleeping bag suddenly seems out of the question.

Devon Duvets – purveyors of hand-crafted sustainable bedding - is a family-run business, founded in 2010, whose range of eco-friendly 100% natural bedding products are handcrafted by a team of professional seamstresses in their Devon workshops.

Each duvet is designed to provide the optimum level of warmth (specific to individual sleep preferences, season and environment) to help optimise sleep, and reduce the risk of disturbances.

For creating a home from home on holiday, especially, their 100% British wool duvets are unrivalled, with each product having the advantage of being certified by @britishwool, fully traceable, and free from chemicals, synthetic fibres, glues and bonding agents.

As a natural fibre, wool is not just breathable and temperature regulating, but also resistant to dust mites and micro bacteria. This also makes it a great choice for those with allergies, and sensitive skin issues such as eczema!

Following the success of their wool range, Devon Duvets Founders Dick and Pauline went on to develop Botanic - a 100% plant-based range, Certified by The Vegan Society.

With a duvet to suit everyone, every bed… and every lifestyle, a Devon Duvet’s duvet

is not just the ultimate self-care investment, but also a pack-list essential for those looking to level up the yurt life this summer!

Sponsored by Devon Duvets

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