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'Gorilla Conservation Coffee supports farmers through training in sustainable coffee production'

Following on from our post about Tony's Chocolatoney, and their mission to give cocoa farmers a fairer deal, we’re on the case to showcase more companies who share in this commitment to positive change in the industries where it’s needed most.

One of these areas, is COFFEE.

Much like the plight of many cocoa farmers, coffee farmers in Uganda were not being given a fair price for their coffee, and as a result were being forced to use the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park - home to endangered mountain gorillas - to meet their basic family needs for food and fuel wood. In doing so, the critically endangered gorillas and their fragile habitat were coming under increasing threat.

In response to this problem, Gorilla Conservation Coffee was created to better support these farmers, paying them a premium of $0.50 per kilo above the market price.

Gorilla Conservation Coffee further supports the farmers through training in sustainable coffee farming and processing, so they can improve the coffee quality and increase production yield. Gorilla Conservation Coffee also works to help break ingrained stereotypes in these communities.

Kanyonyi coffee, named after the former lead silverback of the Mubare gorilla group, is 100% premium Arabica, selectively made from only ripe, hand picked, wet processed red cherries, which are dried under shade.

For regular coffee drinkers, this small switch-up is one that has potential for far-reaching benefits, both from an altruistic point of view, and more importantly in terms of the lives and future of the coffee farmers and gorillas.

The UKs exclusive seller is Moneyrow Beans.

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