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HALLOWEEN: ‘Here we have a platform for expression and creativity, if ever there was one!’

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Love it or loathe it, there’s something about Halloween, that makes it so much more than just a grizzly gimmick!

The scary sentiment aside, this annual excuse to fashion table cloths in the name of tomfoolery, is one that can provide some all-important light relief from the seriousness of life, which by all accounts… has never been more needed.

The dressing up. The decorations. The arts and crafts. Here we have a platform for expression and creativity, if ever there was one.

This year especially, the opportunity of all that pumpkin-themed paraphernalia (sculptures, soups and pie galore), is as refreshing as it is welcome!

The pumpkin carving ritual in particular, is one that is not just strangely therapeutic. It also cultivates the togetherness and competitiveness that builds social capital, between family, friends and neighbours alike.

This is just one aspect of Halloween, that we can all leverage to our advantage this weekend. By using the humble pumpkin, as a medium for carving out more time for creativity, for comedy and even for cooking, we can take a precious, pro-active step towards lighting up more than just our front door… even if only for the next few days!

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