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Happiness is…affogato!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Of all the things there are to love about summer, nothing has us at hello, quite like an affogato!

Stumbling across this unlikely romance between coffee… and ice cream, is a mind-blown moment which confirms what we probably should have long suspected.

That vanilla… it’s underrated!!

Far from being ‘the boring one’, vanilla is the dark horse of the dessert menu, and only ever one espresso shot away from ‘Specials Board’ status!

It’s this caffeine-mediated potential, which affords ‘vanilla’ the opportunity to bring so much more to the table, than its parallels with ‘plainness’ would perhaps suggest.

Introvert metaphors aside, if ever we’re in need of evidence as to summer’s seasonal superiority… then the affogato-shaped proviso it comes with, is most certainly it!

After all, it’s only in the height of the frozen dessert free-for-all we like to call July, that short-but-sweet finds aptness, and exceptions to the cardinal rule of no-coffee-after-9pm, can be found!!

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