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HAPPINESS IS...jam tarts and bottomless tea?

Who can argue, that a tea break just isn’t a tea break, without something jammy on the side!

This is especially true at the moment, when the daily challenges we’re all facing can surely afford us a little of what we fancy...home-made jam tarts included!

That said, there is just as valid a case for relaxing the rulebook on treats, as there is for moderating our sugar intake at this time, particularly when it comes to regulating energy... AND immunity.

The solution, for those seeking this elusive middle ground between eating wise and eating pies, is a small but significant recipe switch up.

Swapping out your usual jam for Streamline Reduced Sugar Jam could save approx 4g sugar per serving*, as their recipes contain 30% less sugar - and 40% more fruit - than standard jams.

By slow cooking fruit pieces, Streamline jams are able to retain more of the natural sweet flavour of the berries, with care also being taken not to use any artificial flavours or colours, including artificial sweeteners.

At this time when baking (and tea breaks) have taken on a new found importance in our lives, this attention to ingredients is proving all important, both for keeping sugar intake low...and spirits high!

Sponsored by Streamline Foods

* Based on an average of 9.7g sugar per 30g jam tart, versus 5.7g when made with Streamline jam

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