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HOLIDAY MODE: ‘Nothing beats the sense of autonomy that comes from turning on the out-of-office’

If there’s one ‘mode’ we’d all like to be in right now, more than any other… it’s ‘HOLIDAY MODE’!

That laid-back, carefree mindset that comes from turning on the out-of-office, and jetting off to sunnier climes, is one of the defining qualities of holidays, that we arguably look forward to the most.

With holidays currently hanging in the balance, however, what we all need more than ever, is a way of replicating this sense of autonomy, and of time being truly our own, in our normal everyday routines.

With evidence to suggest that ‘beachifying’ our everyday environment and routines, might go some way towards filling this void…there’s never been a better reason to dig out that holiday wardrobe, slap on the sunscreen, turn off your phone…and head for the *beach!

From the floaty dresses, to flippy Gumbies reminiscent of days on the beach - these small but important nods to our hollibobs, are what we need to tide us over, until travel resumes.

Gumbies Island Flip Flops are unique not just in their holiday feel, but also in their design, which boasts an unique outsole which contours to the shape of the foot, for maximum strolling comfort.

With sustainability at the fore, the straps on the Islander Flip-Flop incorporate recycled textiles, with special outsoles made from recycled rubber, for grip and durability.

So, whether you're striding out on the vicarious sunshine escape that wishful thinking provides, or hot-footing it to the airport, straw-hat in hand (fingers crossed), Gumbies can help you flip the 'holiday mode’ switch, and hotfoot your way to a lighter, brighter headspace!

Sponsored by Gumbies

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