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‘I don’t know where the year has gone!’ (and other lies I tell myself)

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

‘Quick….think of something deep and meaningful to say!’

Implores every blogger’s brain, as #recapfever sweeps social media!

This pressure and expectation to come up with an allegory for growth, self-improvement and other such social media buzzwords, is a recipe for writers block if ever there was one!

That’s why this year, instead, I’ve opted for a less treacly approach to the compulsory 2022 recap!

A tribute to the trivial, if you will, and all the smile-making moments that it’s especially nice to bask in the glow of, once the luminosity of Christmas begins to dim!

From the bluebells in spring, to the heatwave days of July, to the compulsory plane window view that no camera roll is complete without!

These are the moments that I’m choosing to spend these Twixmas days reflecting on. Not for any ‘look how far I’ve come’ purpose, or to claim 2022 as ‘my year!’

Instead, it’s to debunk the big fat lie that l’ve been guilty of too-often telling myself since the end of the year became nigh!

That is…

‘I don’t know where the year has gone!’

At best - the expression is a conversational lubricant, but at worst…it’s a self fulfilling prophecy, and minimising to the marvel that a trip around the sun truly is!

As a way of breaking the habit of reeling this platitude off at the next small talk opportunity, I decided to find out where - in fact - the year had gone!

Using the camera roll crampons to retrace my 2022 steps, I hoped to find all that ‘time’ I had convinced myself I’d lost somewhere along the January to December line!

What I found was, with every scroll-stopping snap shot, the twelve month tapestry became richer, more detailed, and suddenly not as glaringly incomplete as the ‘time flies‘ narrative first implied!

It’s only by leaning into this process, that it‘s become apparent as to where, exactly, the last 12 months’ have gone!

They’ve gone into travel, family time, nature, work.

The realisation as to just how much this ‘lost’ year had to show for itself, has helped put paid to any worries I had about ‘squandered time‘ - a feeling I now realise to be a symptom of life itself, as the hours merge into days, into weeks, into years!

To this end, maybe my end of year recap - that was intended to defy the cliche - is actually pretty stereotypically deep and meaningful after all!

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