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I have this thing…

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Where I just can’t resist lip balms!


Over the years, I have lost track of just how many cute-pot-shaped impulse buys have been ‘added to cart’ in the heat of a treat-craving moment.

It’s a lot… let’s just leave it at that.


If I had to hasten a guess as to the roots of this rather ‘balmy’ habit… I would say those ‘fruits of the forest’ flavoured stacking pots craved by teens everywhere in the 1990s, probably had more than a little to do with it.


Fast forward to the present day, and the ever-presence of lip balm in every pocket, bag and work surface is not so much a passing craze, but a fully-fledged character quirk for which I’m most certainly #sorrynotsorry.


Fellow lipbalm connoisseurs will probably relate, that the trial and error involved in being a slave to the salves, only adds to the eventual satisfaction of finding one with just the right soothing to smells-edible ratio!

One that is also free from plastic, mineral oil, allergens and Petroleum (as this O’Heney one is)!


Made in the UK, O’Heney lip balm are vegan and carefully formulated from sustainable and natural ingredients - all packed into the prettiest little pocket size tin!

To anyone who doesn’t appreciate the kid-in-a-candy shop feeling of accidentally-on-purpose stumbling into the lip care counter, purse in hand, then the significance of hearing all these excuses-to-buy, wrapped up in one handy product description might well be a bit lost.

To me, however, O’Heney’s ‘of the times’ formula is all the confirmation I ever needed, that the healing salve of a cheeky lip balm purchase, is so much more than skin deep!

Sponsored by O’Heney


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