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In praise of… the ‘blanket brunch!’

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a hard time turning down ANY invitation that involves a bit of blanket brunching in the sunshine.

The prospect is just too good to resist, with its secret sauce of shade and sarnies, and the welcome excuse it provides to ditch the desk… and de-compress!

For this reason, summer lunching is almost always a barefoot / book-out occasion, in a routine that is almost entirely made possible, by the pitch-up-anywhere potential of this small (but mighty) handbag essential.

The PACMAT picnic blanket is made in Great Britain from recycled fabric, and is designed to be light and compact enough to carry around on the regular, meaning you can embrace the impromptu potential of lunch… on demand.

Each mat is also waterproof, machine washable and long lasting, which is just as well, really, given that the season of drippy ice creams and squashed-squeezy-cheese sandwiches is now officially (and delightfully) nigh!!

Sponsored by RUBBASTUFF

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