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FESTIVE FITNESS: Don't let your workouts fall by the wayside this Christmas!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

For many of us, Christmas is something of a balancing act.

A frantic farrago of family fun, work, shopping and - on top of it all - trying to keep up some form of regular exercise routine. The juggle struggle is real... that's for sure.

With this, making the most of that precious ‘Me’ exercise time as and when it does come around, is even more important. Granted, sessions might be on the short and sweet side, but with a smart approach to activewear, there's a valuable take-home for health and wellness -even from the most token of efforts!

With this changing face of fitness, standard activewear is out.. and Meltedrock’s high-comfort, heat retaining leggings are most certainly in!

Made from neoprene technology, the fabric flexes perfectly with the body and - by retaining body heat and supporting muscles - helps boost performance, recovery and circulation, especially as we re-lean into outdoor workouts and home fitness.

As we head into Christmas, winter and - let's face it - the great unknown, these flattering, form-fitting designs (the result of working with industry best pattern cutters) are the leg-up to comfort and confidence that we need, to not only get the most from our workouts, but to take the seasonal day-to-day in our stride!

With full length and Capri styles available, the performance-enhancing features - scientifically tested by an independent UK sports lab - are arguably what set Meltedrock apart in the modern day activewear ranks.

Best of all, you can style them with trainers or boots, for a legging look that transcends the studio, allowing us to exercise that all-important festive-given right for fun, runs, friends and equal measure!

Such is the beauty of the Christmas period (and neoprene!)

Sponsored by Meltedrock

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