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It’s a reel obsession!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022


For the longest time, I’ve been working under the misconception that Instagram Reels, were little more than a passing craze!


The reserve of a secret social media society, where anyone without the miming and confidence skills to put a face to a meme… need not a apply.


It was only after a chance sneaky peek through-the-keyhole of the ever-expanding Reel estate, that I decided to formulate a foot-in-the-door plan that would provide (if nothing else) evidence enough to justify my ongoing allegiance to the old-faithful ‘post’!


Many old-school Instagram users will probably relate, that there is just something about the ‘post’ facility that is familiar. Comforting even.


The only problem is, as we are increasingly finding in the social sphere, that the currency of the snap shot is continually dropping on the engagement exchange.


Not to go too much into the complexitites of algorithms, but it’s probably safe to say, it’s gotten to a point where anyone who relies on Instagram for business, would be well placed to heed the most peddled expression of this year’s popular dating show….and ‘explore other connections’.


I for one, will admit to having friend-zoned Instagram reels from the get-go. For being not-my-type on paper. For being too loud. Too fast. Too in your face.


Quite ironically, it’s for all these exact reasons, that I’m now officially won over.


Reels are not just just a way of adding personality to your content, but they are also catchy, fun and more likely to generate views and engagement than posts per se.


Contrary to popular belief, as well, the clips you post don’t need to be particularly long or thought-out… and they most certainly don’t demand the dancing prowess that Tiktok suggests as a cornerstone to ‘making it’ as a short-clip Supremo.


For all these reasons, and the sheer joy of overlaying visuals with the latest sounds, there’s only thing I’m reeling about, and put it this way… it isn’t the algorithm, or the fact that I didn’t discover the life soundtrack potential of Blinding Lights a Capella sooner.




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