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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Stress is an unavoidable part of everyday life, and especially in the current climate.

As such, it behoves us all, to find some realistic ways of siphoning off as much of this tension as we can, every which way we can.

Nutrition, as we know, is one way of improving our bandwidth for everyday angst. Contrary to popular belief, however, this doesn't always begin and end with vitamins and minerals, as it would be easy to assume!

In fact, the ‘crunch factor’ of what we eat, can be just as useful a factor in helping us manage stress.... hence the reason we just can’t get enough of these delicious Love Corn snacks right now!

With evidence suggesting that eating something crunchy might help release pent up jaw and neck tension, these moorishly munchy corn kernels might just be the work from home snack we never knew we needed?

Anyone who knows Love Corn, knows how satisfying these savoury snacks are at any time of day. Being vegan, gluten free and non-GMO, they also represent a step in the right direction of a more sustainable diet - something we are all striving for more at this time!

Enjoyed straight from the pack, or sprinkled on salads, there's so many ways to take advantage of the extra bite that these morsels of marvellousness can lend, at this time when our food deserves to pack all the punch it can get!

As for harnessing more of this invaluable ‘crunch factor’ overall, raw vegetables are another great tension-releaser, and something it pays to incorporate more of into our everyday diets, for this reason if nothing else.

Granted, eating per se isn’t an antidote to stress, nor is it prescriptive, but if the crunch connection serves to sway our balanced, everyday food choices in a plant-based direction…then we’ll take that! (And three packets of Love Corn, please!)

Love Corn are currently offering readers a free snack pack (just pay £1.99 delivery) which contains a sample of each of their delicious flavours! Head over to to claim yours!

Sponsored by Love Corn

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