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It’s through trending audios such as this, that ‘zombie scrolling’ finds purpose!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The tendency of the human mind to drip-feed our consciousness with fundamental untruths - all cleverly wrapped up as reality - is something that it’s all too easy to overlook, especially when the winds of ‘what if’ whisper with such conviction!

If you’re someone who can relate to the plight, then you might appreciate the irony that a five second audio, can sometimes succeed in providing mind-ease, where a shelf full of self-help books might have failed.

Instagram has many flaws, but credit where credit’s due… it’s through trending audios such as this, that the much-maligned ‘zombie scrolling’ finds purpose.

It’s proof, if ever we needed it, that ‘aha’ moments are not necessarily the reserve of the therapist’s chair, and that just as we should never underestimate the porky-pie potential of the mind, we should scarcely overlook the reel opportunity of ‘superficial’ social media… to help us find perspective from our own inner script-writer, even if only temporarily.

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