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LEGGING IT! Why no Autumn wardrobe is complete without this season’s must-have legwear!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Busyness is back in fashion, and if there’s one wardrobe item that’s going to help us rise to the challenge… it’s a trusty pair of leggings!

Soft, streamlined and oh-so stretchy, there’s little we can’t take on and conquer, when sporting a second Lycra skin…for the win!

The gym - check

Errands - check

Coffee date - why not?!

Dressing down, this certainly isn’t.

What it is, is a new era of dressing up, with confidence, comfort and practicality at the helm.

As the ultimate ready-for-anything, goes-with-everything fashion staple, leggings have garnered such a loyal following, that an official day has been coined in their honour!

This National Legging Day, therefore, we’re donning our Sturdy by Design statement legs, and celebrating the freedom to hop, skip and jump to it, thanks to the high stretch, soft, silky material of these eye-catching designs.

With a high waistband, pulling off activewear in the everyday has arguably never been easier, or more flattering thanks to those flat-stitched, comfort-boosting seams!

Just slip on, style up, and stride out, with a little more leopard-printed spring in your step than ever before!

Sponsored by Sturdy by Design #ad

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