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Updated: Sep 28, 2022

It’s the one day of the year that divides the masses in delight and disgust, in equal measure.

I for one, happen to err on the ‘LOVE’ side of the fence, where toast just isn’t toast unless it’s base-coated in butter, and then lacquered with lashings of the finest yeast extract!!!

Don’t get me wrong, however… as it’s wasn’t always this way.

In the same manner of olives, wine, mustard and all other acquired tastes, Marmite has played the long game in creeping into my palette’s affections.

From those humble Twiglet beginnings (who didn’t love those stick-shaped snacks eh?!)… to the grown up slathered Sourdough of today, me and Marmite have certainly been on a journey.

These days, it just so happens to be ‘the one’ to pip even the sweetest of contenders to the breakfast post, and ESPECIALLY if it’s made with Gradz white sourdough.

This unique, hand-crafted loaf boasts a perfect mellow flavour and (when lightly toasted) also packs the kind of mouth-watering bite that is a heaven-made match for the delicious savoury Umami of Marmite!

Love it or hate it, today’s occasion of World Marmite Day is all about celebrating this curious can’t-get-enough confection in all it’s versatility (and nutritious) glory, and so for this, if nothing else….let’s raise a toast!

Gradz bread is available to buy on Amazon and Ocado.

Sponsored by Gradz

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