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Musings of a Money Pit!

Updated: May 31

There’s a classic film called the Money Pit, which has been feeling a bit too much like my reality in recent months!

I find myself joking to anyone who will listen, that the bath hasn’t fallen through the ceiling…yet, but beneath all the quips and the platitudes of ‘it could be worse’, there lies a curiosity, of sorts.

A curiosity as to whether ‘wellness’ (which we’ve all been conditioned to believe is linked to comfort and commodities) can thrive not just IN SPITE of these main pillars of health collapsing… but as a direct result!

If you'd asked me this three weeks ago, mid the condemned-boiler-meets-coldest-April-EVER era, I would have said… hell no!!

I was cold to the bone, with a dribble-for-a-shower, drowning in laundry (no washing machine!) and no oven to boot, which meant my once healthy cooking habits were brought to an abrupt end.

The curveballs were coming in thick and fast, and to say I felt ‘well’ would be an over-statement, to say the least.

Even so, the benefit of hindsight has since afforded a somewhat different stance on this 'challenging' period for self-care.

I now suspect, that my ‘struggle’ might have been more expectational, than pathological.

I had clearly attached too many of the hallmarks of wellness, to the luxuries of modern life.

A warm house

A hot shower

A home cooked meal

‘You don’t even know you’re born!’ I can almost hear anyone of the war era exclaiming, as they shake their heads and tut-tut along to the tune of this not-so-tragic tale of ‘woe is me!’

So what has all this taught me?

Maybe, just maybe, that in between the sharing of the bath water, and the cold beans from the tin, there is a unique opportunity for ‘health’...should you choose to accept it!

Granted, this opportunity looks nothing like the kale-eating, Peleton-riding springboard, from which it would certainly make much more sense to launch!

Instead, this approach to ‘health’ is one almost entirely hinged on...attitude.

Saying this, is of course not to discredit the case for eating kale, or riding Peletons, per se!

What it is, however, is a testament to the power of resilience-builders.

In other words, those ‘obstacles’ to health, which might seem counterintuitive at first, but which ultimately repay their dues, through the bolstering of that most secretest of wellness weapons….hardiness!!!

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