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NATURE THERAPY… AT HOME: How to bring the Great Outdoors, in, this autumn!

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

With autumn just around the corner, getting our daily dose of nature therapy - the most enduring and positive habit to come out of lockdown - will inevitably become more of a challenge, as the weeks roll on.

Colder days. Darker nights. Let's just say, it's no wonder 'staying in' soon looks set to be the new going out!

Fortunately, however, there's still at least ONE way of continuing to tap into the benefits of the great outdoors, without braving the behemoth of the elements along the way.

With the Portal: Escape into Nature app, the enlivening sights and sounds of the natural world are just a click away, with a variety of locations and soundscapes to choose from according to your individual health goals.

The app uses cinematic visuals and 3D audio, which leverage the power of nature, to help boost creativity, productivity and relaxation on demand. With smart light integration, as well as step-by-step breathing exercises, Portal can also be used to facilitate meditation and sleep optimisation, with far-reaching benefits for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

At this time of year, when travel and exploration are so quick to fall by the wayside, this one-tap way to quell the wanderlust and summer nostalgia, is a seasonal self-care strategy if ever there was one.

In a culture that so widely disavows technology, this app also allows us to loosen the guilt surrounding screen time, by unlocking the latent health-boosting elements of our device's potential. It's a positive loophole in the 'disconnect to re-connect' strategy, and our chance to reap the rewards of the best-of-both-worlds 'forest bathing, meets sofa surfing' phenomenon which this app - ironically - is an invaluable 'portal' to!


For 20% discount off an annual subscription to Portal Premium, click here (valid until 22/02/22).)

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