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NEW RECIPE: Stuffed Gem Squash

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about butternut squash… this ‘little gem’ crops up to challenge the slice-and-dice method of a lifetime!!

If you’re a particular fan of roasted veg, this small, pumpkin-esque delight is certainly one to try, and particularly now as it’s in season!

With a slightly sweeter flavour than other butternut varieties - and perfectly portioned for one person - the gem squash can be roasted and filled, for an easy-to-cook answer to hearty autumn eating!

Given that the hard skin can make the gem squash tricky to peel and prepare, this is arguably one of the best ways to enjoy this seasonal vegetable, if you do so happen to get your hands on one.

We stuffed ours with curried chick peas, topped with the roasted seeds that were scooped out before roasting, and in the second gem….macaroni cheese, because, well, why not?! #comfortfood

One of the beauties of this mini squash, however, is you can pick and choose your fillings according to taste and nutrition requirements, with the versatility of the delicately sweet flesh, lending well to myriad of flavour palates. As an added bonus, these ones are UK grown (in Wiltshire) and Organic, direct from @abelandcole.

For the full recipe demo, click here

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