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NO SWEAT: ‘We’re changing the way we workout... and the way we care for ourselves while we do!’

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The last year has been a lot about realising what we don’t need, and homing in more on what we do.

It’s a turn of events that’s had far-reaching implications, transforming both the way we workout... and the way we care for ourselves while we do.

From hydration, to activewear, to personal care...plastic-free is fast becoming a habitual choice for eco-conscious active lifestylers everywhere, and one brand in particular is leading the way!

When it comes to ‘no sweat’ sustainability, Ben & Anna‘s are becoming the tried and trusted go-to for natural planet-friendly deodorants.

The efficacy of their products relies on natural baking soda, and its germ fighting and deodorising properties. The brand have done away with questionable ingredients such as aluminium salts and have replaced commonly used plastic materials with FSC certified and easily recyclable, colourful paper tubes. Combined with the fresh essence of these easy to apply vegan products, there’s the added reassurance that they’ve been developed with no animal testing.

During these times when a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment command equal influence over our daily habits and decisions, Ben and Anna are gaining accolade for facilitating the kind of 'best of both worlds' body care that our increasingly busy lives demand.

Simply roll on as needed, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes when high performance, meets low waste!

Sponsored by Ben & Anna

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