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NYE ready!

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

One of the best things about celebrating New Years Eve at home, has to be the excuse it gives to swap ‘dinner’….for ‘picky bits.’

For this one night of the year, putting a Camembert in the oven is as far as my cooking efforts will stretch, and it becomes entirely socially acceptable to fill up almost entirely on anarancini… washed down with an obligatory glass of Alberto Nani Vegan Prosecco.

Alberto Nani is THE ultimate tapas-eater’s tipple, boasting a delicious, crisp and refreshing mineral flavour. It is crafted from Glera grapes - which are grown in the mineral-rich clay soil of Italy’s famous Prosecco region.

Alberto Nani produce their award-winning Prosecco without pesticides, insecticides and herbicides, thereby helping preserve the region’s eco-system for future generations.

It’s these eco credentials, along with the made-for-mezze mouth-feel, that makes Alberto Nani a win-win for wining, dining and Auld Lang Syning alike!

Sponsored by Alberto Nani #ad

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