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ONE LOVE: Mixing the business of sun safety… with the pleasure of sport!

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

T’is the season for outdoor sports, and never has that winning formula of fitness and fresh air felt as exhilarating as it does right now!

With tennis currently enjoying its annual moment in the sun, the impetus is most certainly there to grab a racket and head to a local court with a willing buddy in tow!

Tennis is renowned for its aerobic benefits, and in addition to this, players can expect improved strength, flexibility and reaction times with regular practice.

Playing outside can, in addition, bring its own array of health benefits (need we mention vitamin D) but for the sake of sun safety, considering the right clothing, accessories and sun cream is all-important before taking to the court.

Besides a sun hat and high SPF lotion, it helps to look at what protection your activewear is currently providing. One brand developed with an active outdoor lifestyle in mind, is Solbari – creators of the UPF50+ Women's Sensitive Short Sleeve Polo Shirt, which offers on-court style alongside invaluable UVA and UVB protection.

This natural cotton and bamboo shirt offers the perfect combination of comfort and sun protection, finished with stylish, form flattering details. The fabric is naturally cooling, breathable and lightweight, making it ideal for those individuals with skin allergies including eczema and psoriasis.

Whether you’re partial to a spot of doubles, or just looking to enjoy more of the great outdoors in general this summer, there’s no limit to the versatility of these multi-functional pastel polos!

Simply style with shorts or skirts, according to your chosen sport, and see if Solbari could help you ace those active summer ambitions, whilst keeping the self-care ball...firmly in your court!

Sponsored by Solbari

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