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Updated: Jul 8, 2022

That’s right… the blonde hair isn’t ‘natural’, but one thing about this photo is, for sure.

That is, the dissonance between what the camera captured…and what inevitably, and oh-so subtly, slips through the fine-tooth pixel net.

For example…

The noise – both internal and external.

The peripheral commotion, which if we could see, would upend any ideas that this is more than just a mere split-second moment of serenity, in the real-world hustle bustle of a City tourist spot.

The point – which trust me there is one – is that what this picture (and the millions of other pictures on the ‘gram) really needs, is to be sound-tracked not to the latest ‘trending sound’, but instead to the subjective genius of not one…but FOUR NON BLONDES!

In other words…


It’s what THE ‘it’ band of the 90’s bellowed with chart-topping relentlessness, and an importunity that is - in today’s muddled and ‘peculiar’ context - both highly relatable… and contagious!

If you’re ever in doubt as to what the latter infers, simply turn the volume up on this track the next time you’re alone in the car… and let your ‘Tonight Matthew…’ moment as an angsty American Rocker, reveal all.

To cut to the chase, and in answer to the only real question that’s been hanging on the radio waves since 1992…

What’s going on…is really anybody’s guess.

‘Saying what you see’ (in the words of another 90’s Legend), does not always an accurate assessment make.

Though the profundity of this statement might be somewhat lost, owing to its similarities to the ‘insta vs reality’ trend, the intention is to disprove more than just the ‘camera never lies’ mumbo jumbo.

What it sets out to do, as well, is affirm that the ‘more than meets the eye’ theory applies just as much to the sorcery of hidden-brunetteness…as it does the dark roots you can’t see in a snapshot.

The over-active mind, for example, which devours what’s-going-on-shaped questions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, whilst ironically also choosing to listen to the same narrative in song-form, through the glorious thought-muffling medium of a pair of headphones. Go figure!

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