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ONE POT WONDER: ‘This skincare ‘multitasker’ could save time, money AND space in our bathrooms!’

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

It’s rare to come across a one-stop beauty product, that does MORE than what it actually says on the tin.

Industry experts would call these products the ‘multitaskers’... the ones that save us time, money AND space in our bathroom cabinets.

We’ve found a few in our time (namely @egyptianmagiccream and @nealsyardremedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm) and this latest discovery is up there with the best of them...

So here’s introducing this week’s #selfcaresunday hero product...Balmonds Skin Salvation

Product description:

‘Rich, oil-based and made with beeswax to lock in the moisture that dry skin so desperately needs, the ointment can be used by all ages (from six weeks), all skin types and anywhere on the body, making it a one-pot wonder for all your skin needs!

Its gentle formulation with natural ingredients reduces the risk of skin irritation and itchiness from synthetic additives.’

Our opinion:

‘This balm feels rich and luxurious, and the smallest dab goes the longest way, both as a moisturiser and all-round beauty product. As a lip balm, line softener, lip gloss and highlighter (for that bit of trendy sheen!) this product is certainly the one to beat!’

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