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'Quality, much like the Italian diet in general, is at the heart of Caldesi'

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

One thing that Instagram certainly has no shortage of, is motivational quotes and inspirational sayings.

At the risk of not jumping on this bandwagon too much, we thought we’d take the opportunity that is National White Wine Day, to draw attention to what is arguably one of the best - but not necessarily the most cliche - of them all!

‘Tutto finisce a tarallucci e vino’ means ‘it all ends with biscuits and wine.’

What this Italian saying roughly translates as is … ‘everything will be ok in the end!’

Given that worrying has become a national pastime in recent months, and quite understandably, there is significance in this expression that speaks just as much to our hearts, as it does our taste buds.

Yes, we’re won over by the reassuring sentiment, but we’re just as swayed by the credence that this saying gives to value of appreciating and savouring life’s little pleasures!

It’s a concept not lost on the Italian people, for whom the principles of balance, variety and moderation mean there is little question over whether ‘biscuits and wine’ can be used in the same sentence as ‘healthy lifestyle.’

They would argue there is much more to the saying than meets the wine... sorry eye, which is why we joined the team at Caldesi in Campagna to find out about the lifestyle in practice.

Caldesi specialise in the finest Italian cuisine, brought to you in the heart of Bray, with an eclectic wine list and menu (delivered in line with current social distancing measures.)

Quality, much like the Italian diet in general, is at the heart of the restaurant, and we think this concept speaks louder than many motivational quotes combined.

It may well all end with biscuits and wine, but we’d be inclined to think it!

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