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CAKE: Resistance is FRUITILE!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Sweet treats have a bad rep, but there’s an interesting stance on this, that anyone familiar with the futility of resistance will probably well relate.

This idea dates back to a study that was once carried out using cake… and radishes (yes radishes!)

The long and short of the study, is that those who were forced to resist cake, and instead eat vegetables, then had less likelihood of being able to fully engage in other willpower demanding tasks.

Giving in to a little of what you fancy, in contrast, had the effect of freeing up willpower reserves for other more important tasks.

This in mind, we’re inclined to think a little bit of cake goes a long way, particularly in these times when there's already unprecedented demands on our willpower to keep up some semblance of healthy routine and structure.

Getting the balance right is however all important (and also half the battle), but it’s a challenge made easier thanks to Plantastic’s new range of plant based flapjacks and cakes. Packed full of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and spices, these individually wrapped treats don't just taste great, they’re a great source of fibre too. Flavours include Cherry & Chocolate Flapjacks with Sunflower seeds, Lemon & Turmeric Flapjacks with Linseeds and Apricot & Ginger Flapjacks with chia seeds, and they are available at Tesco stores (subject to availability) for £2.25.

This means that whenever the cake or radish dilemma happens to pop up in everyday life (as it so often does), it isn't a question of 'either or', but more a decision of 'which, when?'

The shift can be liberating, and most importantly, it allows for apportioning willpower to where it's most beneficial in the course of a day. It might be after work, to muster to commitment to squeeze in a workout before dinner, or it might be mid-afternoon when the caffeine cravings start to kick in.

The choice is always yours, but with a tasty stash of Plantastic in your home office, we'd bet on cake-o-clock resistance being, well... FRUITILE!

 Sponsored by Plantastic

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