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Salad goals…in a nutshell!

Updated: May 22, 2023

Everyone has that one dish, that reminds them of either someone or somewhere, or in this case…both.

For me, that dish is this carrot and walnut salad, and after nearly twenty years of making it (mainly for bbq’s and summer suppers) it still makes me think of Cyprus 2005… and my cousin Sue who lived there, and who gave me the recipe over dinner one evening!

Given that ‘picky dinner’ season is now upon us, it seemed the perfect time to revisit this food memory, and grant ‘Sue’s salad’ a much-deserving moment in the insta sunshine.

The aim? To make common knowledge of the mouth-watering magic that happens when carrots, walnuts and garlic join forces… in dollop-worthy, dinner-complimenting form!

What the carrots bring to this dish in sweet earthiness, the walnuts enhance with their mild yet distinctive creamy crunch.

It needs no pointing out, that the protein and omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid) profile of the star ingredient - the California Walnuts - means this ‘salad’ is so much more than-just-your-average aside.

In fact, with its stealthily supply of fibre-shaped ‘good stuff’, this recipe has main-event potential beyond its on-paper simplicity.

So much so, that one generous serving, heaped onto a Halloumi pitta (for example) is in my opinion, just enough to tick myriad of nutrition-goal boxes, whilst also hitting the sumptuous summer supper concept, on point!

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